Maya Wegerif

Maya Wegerif
"it dont cost a thing to smile, u aint gota pay to laugh" -India Arie

Friday, April 9, 2010

This Lioness

There’s a lioness with golden brown skin
This lioness roars… with laughter when insulted by mortal men

This lioness has a thick brown mane
This lioness refuses to be tame
She will not be labeled categorized or named

This Lioness-
Is dangerous
Step on her toes (or rather her paws)
And she might have to bring out her claws

So you can rest-
This lioness knows best
And she cares not if you’ll be impressed

This lioness lives in me
And I in it
And I am it
And it is me

I roar!
This lioness has wings
And this lioness will soar
Whether you win or I win-
Wait who on earth is taking score?
(Or who in heaven for that matter?)

I am not restricted by any laws of religious gravity
Not interested in your sweet, sweet promises of eternity
Scared I might get an eternal cavity

I do not believe in science theory
Because science lies and tries to capture me
Science claims that mammals can’t fly
Well I’ve touched the sky several times
And the sun speaks to me

So this lioness is free because I believe not even jails cells can imprison me
And the truth I choose
is that only your brain cells can capture thee


  1. Audacious Piece Of genius.. Keep it up woman

  2. I have always known you were special. A true lioness. There is something about you lil sis that i just love. Its like you are an old soul in a young girls body. I am so proud of you and believe so hard in that lil lioness. Head high soldier, you are on your way to becoming the world's poetry QUEEN. I love you sis!

  3. thank you sooo much :)
    i love you more than you know

  4. You are trully gifted love this piece...

  5. Amazing work! Brilliant piece!!!