Maya Wegerif

Maya Wegerif
"it dont cost a thing to smile, u aint gota pay to laugh" -India Arie

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silly Things

You’ve got me doing silly things
Like singing love songs in the shower things
Like writing love poems and picking flowers things
You’ve got me doing silly things
Like you love me, you love me not things
And all those love quizzes in Seventeen Magazine?
Yeah those type things
You got me wanting to spend more time with you
Sometimes I go to the canteen pretending to have money just so I can stand in the line with you

You’ve got me doing silly things
Like counting up to ten after you text me cause I don’t want to reply too quick things
Like deleting your number ‘cause it’s so tempting to call you things
You’ve got me doing silly things
Like I want to write till nightmares don’t scare you no more
Till pain don’t hurt you
Till death don’t kill you
And truth don’t dare you no more

You’ve got me doing silly things
Like drawing little hearts on the back of my hand things
Like writing poems about silly things
Like I really like you a lot things
Like I really like you a lot

Friday, April 9, 2010

This Lioness

There’s a lioness with golden brown skin
This lioness roars… with laughter when insulted by mortal men

This lioness has a thick brown mane
This lioness refuses to be tame
She will not be labeled categorized or named

This Lioness-
Is dangerous
Step on her toes (or rather her paws)
And she might have to bring out her claws

So you can rest-
This lioness knows best
And she cares not if you’ll be impressed

This lioness lives in me
And I in it
And I am it
And it is me

I roar!
This lioness has wings
And this lioness will soar
Whether you win or I win-
Wait who on earth is taking score?
(Or who in heaven for that matter?)

I am not restricted by any laws of religious gravity
Not interested in your sweet, sweet promises of eternity
Scared I might get an eternal cavity

I do not believe in science theory
Because science lies and tries to capture me
Science claims that mammals can’t fly
Well I’ve touched the sky several times
And the sun speaks to me

So this lioness is free because I believe not even jails cells can imprison me
And the truth I choose
is that only your brain cells can capture thee

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Price of a woman (a commercial)

Introducing new and deprived: what it means to be a black woman in Africa!
Comes with additional pressure poverty and premenstrual stress
Only in stores when having a child becomes an expense
Or when you only have a few cents
And in reality having a child becomes a liability

Being a black woman in this country
We’ll start the bidding at… nothing! in fact we’ll enforce it upon you
Sold! To the lady in the dark skin
This society is not woman-friendly
Its structure does not cater to those who are not wealthy
So forget it if your dad doesn’t drive a Bentley

Wait cut! Let’s take it from the top of the scene the last part’s not mean to be seen
Act: Globalisation, scene: make them buy into it and action!
So get yours while stocks last and believe me stocks will last because we’ll always find new ways to market it
Buy into it and you’ll get a TV set almost free that you can play loud and watch them act out how your life was meant to play out

New: this is not a sexist society
Its lies, but you can drink it
And now it’s black girls who are targeted
And stocks are not limited, only your dreams, your future and a way out
Those are prohibited

And we keep our secret behind set
In fact it’s an age old recipe from centuries back and we keep it safely hidden in mindset
So it has a lifetime guarantee

See we make you think that everything related to black is bad.
Blackmail, blacklisted, oh damn look at that nasty blackhead
But that’s not all we’ll even throw in husband to make you feel subjected you must never know you’re a queen
So call me a show-off when I say I only want to succeed in career and being to be seen
And then hope that for all women seeing really is believing
And that one day we’ll all be living
Our dreams

Maya Wegerif '09