Maya Wegerif

Maya Wegerif
"it dont cost a thing to smile, u aint gota pay to laugh" -India Arie

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silly Things

You’ve got me doing silly things
Like singing love songs in the shower things
Like writing love poems and picking flowers things
You’ve got me doing silly things
Like you love me, you love me not things
And all those love quizzes in Seventeen Magazine?
Yeah those type things
You got me wanting to spend more time with you
Sometimes I go to the canteen pretending to have money just so I can stand in the line with you

You’ve got me doing silly things
Like counting up to ten after you text me cause I don’t want to reply too quick things
Like deleting your number ‘cause it’s so tempting to call you things
You’ve got me doing silly things
Like I want to write till nightmares don’t scare you no more
Till pain don’t hurt you
Till death don’t kill you
And truth don’t dare you no more

You’ve got me doing silly things
Like drawing little hearts on the back of my hand things
Like writing poems about silly things
Like I really like you a lot things
Like I really like you a lot


  1. Hmmmmm, Great Stuff I love it
    Tshembane :)

  2. This is so cute. So innocently romantic. Like those old Kiswahilil (am sure applies in otehr langauges too but sexier in Kiswahili) love songs that were deeper and yet more obvious and genuine than those of leo.

    Its so great to admit your vulnerability... Alow yourself to fall :-)
    Otherwise what the point right?
    Love shuld always be like 17 or 71 and beyond.

    makes me fall i love with love!!!
    Ahsante Mbongi maya*

  3. aaay, nice girlaaa... check uit ma blog too yea.. *wink*

  4. This Work Of Art Got Me Doin' Things.... Anotha Great Work FaF

  5. A little light went on in my head reading this. Shihan (love him!) feminized. And taken back a few steps before the love kicks in.
    I love it ;-)
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nice one Maya, you should perform this more, it flows

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  8. this is an extremely moving poem that sinks in deep. thank you